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  • Season Changes

    As the season changes into a wonderful Spring, we were also ushered into April the month Sexual Assault Awareness. Many people don't want or like to talk about this crime but we should.

    When we know someone has been assaulted be a friend and lend an ear.



  • Highlighting Item of the Week

    Here at Goddess Armor Protection I want to introduce everyone to various items that I carry in my inventory. Many time customers want to know everything about about an item before they invest their money. That's understandable because their safety is at hand and we want them to feel safe with their purchase. On my Instagram account I recently posted the MACE Screecher Alarm. This item is an alternative for parents to give to their children as a self defense tool. It's not a pepper spray nor a stun gun. It simply emits a loud piercing alarm that they can used walking to and from home, at school, when out with friends or at anytime. The best way to explain the sound is to compare it to the gym horn during basketball games.


    mace alarm



  • No Place To Go?

    Hey there, it's your Safety Goddess here asking what are your plans for the weekend of Jan 13-14 2018? Did you know that The Real Gun Show is going to at Bell County Expo Center, Belton TX this weekend


     SUNDAY 10AM-4PM

    Now most people assume that the only thing you can buy at a gun show is a gun. Well that ain't right, you'd be surprised at the hidden treasures/vendors you'd find. Here are just a few categories

    • Self - defense items
    • candle scents
    • prepper / Survivalist supplies and equipment
    • hunting gear
    • fishing gear
    • camping supplies
    • even ATV's from time to time
    • knives
    • ...and much, much more

    And this week end when you come out, there's a Sami Show happen as well. So come out and visit with Goddess Armor Protection and JR Watkins Independent Rep 857131

  • What Does Your Safetty Mean?

    Why is it that you only think about your safety when something happens? Take bake your power now with self defense products sold by Goddess Armor ProtectionLarge GAP Shield


  • what does consent mean

    Take a look at this . What does it mean to you?

    ask for consent

  • Meeting the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce

    Recently, I was offered an invite to attend a Sip and Greet by our local Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce here in Harker Heights, TX. The event was held at the a local spa the Skin Deep Salon & Day Spa in Harker Heights, TX.

    The ladies of the chamber of commerce were so helpful, excited for my business, at the prospect of Goddess Armor Protection joining them and other many Harker Heights businesses. Following our meeting I joined the ladies at the spa where many other businesses joined us; real estate, restaurant owners, business/ finance consultants, spa owners, and non-profit organizations, The evening was filled with information exchange, networking and an overall good time that was had by all.

    Many new and exciting endeavors will be coming for this self defense business. Stay tuned.

    In the meantime join me at the meet up at the Field House Gym in Harker Heights, TX 12 September 2016 the Premier Gun Show at the Round Rock Sports Center in Round Rock, TX on 17 and 18 September 2016

    Goddess Armor Protection

  • Many Nonlethal Weapons for Self Defense

    In this day age when people are taking up arms to protect themselves because there is so much mayhem out there, many others want to know what can else can they use protect themselves. Goddess Armor Protection strives to provide non lethal means of protection. Whether it's for the home, school children, office workers, runners, mothers out with children, or just enjoying recreation time. As I've said before I'm not against anyone owning or carrying a gun, but I also want people to know and understand that there are other means of protection.
    I know you might say if it's a stranger or someone is trying to hurt me then I'm going to shot and ask questions later. That's great but what if it's your child that walks into your dark room and they don't reply quick enough, and you mistake them for the assailant. There are many pro and cons to lethal and non lethal means of protection, the final judgement call really lies within your own comfort zone and where you live.
    Goddess Armor Protection can supply you with various types of products. We carry pepper sprays, stun guns, home security cameras, and the much sought after TASER products. Don't walk around unprotected. Pepper sprays offer you the ability to defend yourself from a safe distance (6 to 12 feet) depending on the type. They come in the typical aerosol,and also foam, fogger when you want to impact large groups, the gel my favorite. The gel pepper spray dispenses a thick sticky substance much like glue, that's hard for the assailant to remove. Then there's the foam. The foam dispenses like a man's shaving cream.
    The stun guns are wonderful weapons to use. PSSSSST I just got a new shipment in, all types; small, large, palm size, flashlight combos, cane types, and let's not forget the about the punch that these little beauties deliver. Clients want to know do they really work? I know many of you often watch the YOU TUBE videos where someone is stunned with the stun gun and the person runs away. while that may happen in some situations, stun guns still prove to be a reliable means of protection, especially when used correctly. Stun guns aren't toys so keep that in mind.
    You can learn more the awesome products that Goddess Armor Protection offers by attending the launch party. That's right GA Protection has teamed up with Lacey and her Get Fit Team trainers at The Field House Gym in Harker Heights, TX on 12 September 2016 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Everyone attending will able to get a FREE weigh-in and body fat reading from the trainers. There will be some demos and light snacks while learning about the various self defense products that Goddess Armor Protection offers. So come on out and enjoy the company of two awesome businesses and keep our local business local, don't go to the big box stores for self defense products contact Goddess Armor Protection


    GAP SHIELD POSTER 2016R2fierce and fitr6

  • TASER bolt


  • I want some pepper spray











    How many times have wondered where can I purchase some pepper spray, and whose going to provide excellent customer follow up to you after the sale?  Honestly, there are many other sites where you spend your money. But I guarantee when you shop with G.A. Protection you'll get prompt attention, emails answered within 24 hours, and prompt returns when your product is defected. No filling out long forms. G.A.Protection is your very own Veteran Owned self-defense store, self defense training specialist.




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